About Common e-service centers:
Common e-Service Centres (CSCs) are envisioned to be the front end service delivery centres for Government, Financial, Social and Private Sector services. Service Provider is selected through a competitive bidding process and is responsible for operating Government Common e-Service Centres across the State of Tamil Nadu.

The CSCs are envisioned to make all Government services accessible to the common man under a single roof in his locality, through common service delivery outlets in an efficient, transparent and reliable manner at affordable.

Project Objectives The objective for establishment of CSCs is to provide multiple Government services under a single roof, closest to a citizen, with a delightful citizen experience. The Common e-Service Centre has been envisioned as the front-end delivery channel for State and Central Government services to citizens. The idea is to develop a platform that can enable State Government, private and other organizations to integrate their commercial services at a single point for the benefit of the Citizens through a combination of IT as well as non-IT services. The objectiveof an ICT enabled CSC is to:

Provide citizen centric services of the State Government agencies in a convenient and efficient manner through the CSC within the Chennai City. Enhance the accountability, transparency and responsiveness of the Government to Citizen needs:

  1. Provide efficient and cost effective methods of service delivery to various Government Departments and agencies
  2. Allow private sector to collaborate with the Government to offer world-class services across Tamil Nadu.
  3. Efficient delivery of services with improved Service Levels by undertaking extensive Business Process Re-engineering of identified services
  4. Providing easy, anywhere and anytime access to Government Services (both Information & Transactional) to ensure reliability, efficiency, transparency and accountability.
  5. Reducing number of visits of citizens to a Government office / Department for availing the services and thereby eliminating harassment.
  6. Reducing administrative burden and service fulfillment time & costs for the Government, Citizens & Businesses.
  7. To utilize IT to empower the common man in his dealings with the bureaucracy


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