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Non-linked Participating limited pay whole life plan.

Key Benefits
Whole life plan that provides income and life cover up to the age of 100 years.
Guaranteed death benefit.
Guaranteed cash back starting from end of premium paying term equal to 3% of Sum Assured.
Cash bonus, if any, starting from the end of 6th policy year.
Guaranteed surrender benefit on 1st & 2nd year also.

Survival Benefits ( Click Here For Illustration )

Cash Benefit

Guaranteed cash back of 3% of the sum assured from the end of the PPT till the end of the year in which life assured is aged 99 years.

Cash bonus, if any, paid at the end of the 6th policy year till the end of the year in which the life assured is aged 99 years.

Maturity Benefit

On maturity after attaining age of 100 years, 250% and 300% of sum assured for PPT 15 and 20 years respectively + Terminal Bonus will be paid and policy will terminate.

Death Benefit ( Click Here For Illustration )

Sum Assured on Death + Interim Cash Bonus (if any) + Any Terminal Bonus.

Sum Assured on death will 250% and 300% of Sum Assured if chosen PPT is 15 or 20 years respectively.

Surrender Benefit

Policy Surrender Year

Proportion of the Premium Paid Till Date







Early Termination

Number of Full Years’ Premiums Paid

Early Termination Value as a % of Premiums Paid Till Date





This early termination value will be paid on request for termination of the policy by Policy holder, death or end of the revival period, whichever happens earlier.

Age at Entry Premium [Rs.]
10 - 45 Years 15000 Yearly
46 - 55 Years 16500 Yearly
Maximum Premium: Multiples of Premium Per Year
Age at Maturity: 100 Years
Premium Paying Term: 15 Years
Policy Term: 100 Minus Age At Entry
Minumum Sum Assured: Rs. 1 Lac.
Maximum Sum Assured: No Limit

Female Underwriting Guidelines

Available only to Female Cat–1 and normal underwriting guidelines shall remain applicable

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