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Manage all your insurance policies electronically for FREE with e Insurance Account from CAMSRep - Global Finsol

Key Benefits
Single view of all policies
Single point of service
Single KYC

About CAMSRep - Global Finsol

CAMSRep is India’s largest Insurance repository

Global Finsol is a leading Approved Person who is authorized to enroll e Insurance account with CAMS. Global Finsol was licensed by IRDA on 26th May 2014. [Click Here]

Open an e Insurance Account to take care of service requests across all your policies – be it life, pension, health or general, issued by various Insurers.

CAMSRep, a group company of CAMS, is an Insurance Repository Service Provider approved by IRDA, the Insurance Regulator. Whether holding your current insurance policies or buying a new policy, you can now store them electronically and enjoy hassle free service from a single point – CAMSRep.

E Insurance Account (e IA) – Open yours today with CAMSRep- Global Finsol!

An e Insurance Account is the first step to bringing safety to your insurance policies. Once you have an e IA you can buy, store and maintain all types of insurance policies from any insurer in electronic mode. You need to have only one e IA for all your Policies which comes with a unique e Insurance Account number.

Opening and maintaining an e IA account is not just simple, it’s FREE!!!

How does an e Insurance Account work?

If you already have insurance policies, you can convert your existing policies into electronic mode by submitting a request for conversion along with the application for opening an e IA. If you are planning to buy a new insurance policy any time soon, It’s best to open an e IA at the same tome and opt for an electronic policy. Even if you are undecided about your policy, you can still open an e IA and quote your e IA number when you decide to buy a new policy and your documentation will be much simpler!

The CAMSRep- Global Finsol Edge


Your electronic policies remain safe and secure with CAMSRep- Global , eliminating the risk of loss or damage of a policy as may happen with paper policies. CAMSRep will provide an annual statement of all e policies in your e Insurance Account.

Single view of all policies

Details of all your policies are available in a single account and this can be accessed at any time online. Renewal Premium payment for all the policies in your e IA and service requests can be done online.

Single point of service

CAMSRep can be your single point of service for your service need across all your policies in your e IA account. No more running around with different Insurance companies or agents. In fact, you can use online facility to add / modify your mobile / phone number, email id in your e IA and all your Insurers will be updated.

Single KYC

You do not have to repeat KYC when you buy new policies if you have an e IA. Any change to your KYC details can be submitted to CAMSRep for verification and updation across Insurers.

That’s not all! CAMSRep services are absolutely FREE for e Insurance Account opening, account maintenance and unlimited services through your life time!

Opening an e-Insurance Account is simple, go for it today!
Enjoy the Freedom of paperless policies.


1. What is an insurance Repository?

An insurance repository is a facility to help policy holders buy and keep insurance policies in electronic form, rather than as a paper document. Insurance Repositories, like Share Depositories or mutual Fund Transfer Agencies, will hold electronic records of insurance policies issued to individuals and such policies are called “electronic policies” or “e Policies”.

2. Can anyone become or set up an insurance Repository?

No, only entities approved by Insurance Regulatory and development Authority (IRDA) can become an Insurance Repository.

CAMSRep – Global Finsol –is an Approved Person authorized by IRDA.

Insurance companies cannot set up an insurance Repository on their own.


3. What is an e Insurance Account (e IA)?

A Policy holder needs to open an e Insurance Account (e IA) with one of the insurance repositories to be able to buy and keep policies in electronic mode. An individual can have only one e IA with any one of the Insurance Repositories. Once an e IA is opened, the account holder can buy and keep all his electronic insurance policies be it life, pension, health or general – issued by various insurers under this single account.

Each e IA will have an unique e insurance Account Number ; the account holder should quote this number in all correspondence with CAMSRep. Each account holder will also get an unique Login ID and Password to access his account and electronic policy details online at www.camsrepository.com

In case of Life Insurance, the Policies will be credited to the e IA of the Proposer

4 How does a person open an e Insurance Account (e IA)?

To open an e IA, a policy holder needs to fill out an account opening application form of CAMSRep along with the necessary supporting documents. Application Forms are available in all offices of CAMSRep and CAMS. They can also be downloaded from our website www.camsrepository.com (a policy holder can also fill our an application online at the website). A Policy Holder can also contact any Approved Person (AP) of CAMSRep for an application form. The Policy Holder can submit the signed e IA application form at any CAMSRep or CAMS office or at any of CAMSRep’s APs. If a policy holder is applying to open an e IA at the time of buying a new Insurance Policy, it may be best to hand over the e IA form, along with the insurance proposal form, to the AP (who is also a Corporate Agent or Broker for that Insurer) or directly to the insurance Company.

To open an e IA, a person needs to necessarily have either a PAN or Aadhaar number. When accepting an e IA application, the AP should ensure that the customer provides copies of his/her PAN or Aadhaar, Address Proof and proof of date of birth, along with the passport size photograph. The AP needs to check the original of ID proof (PAN or Aadhaar) and address proof for verification (the list of acceptable address proof documents is given elsewhere).

5. What are the documents required to open an e IA Account?

ID Proof:
PAN Card

Address Proof:
A copy of any one of the following documents should be submitted as proof of address; the original of the relevant address proof should be produced for verification by CAMSRep:

  • Ration Card
  • Passport
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Voter ID Card
  • Driving License
  • Bank Passbook (not more than 6 months old)
  • Verified copies of
    • Electricity bills (not more than 6 months old)
    • Residence Telephone bills (not more than 6 months old)
    • Registered Lease and License agreement/Agreement for sale
  • Self-declaration by High Court and Supreme Court judges, giving the new address in respect of their own accounts
  • Identity card/document with address, issued by
    • Central/State Government and its Departments
    • Statutory/Regulatory Authorities
    • Public Sector Undertakings
    • Scheduled Commercial Banks
    • Public Financial Institutions
    • Colleges affiliated to universities
    • Professional Bodies such as ICAI, ICWAI, Bar Council etc. to their members

6. How long will it take for CAMSRep to open an e Insurance Accounts?

CAMSRep will open an e Insurance Account within 7 business days from the date of receiving the e IA application form. On opening the e IA, CAMSRep will inform the applicant the particulars of the e insurance Account and usage instructions through email and by post.

7. What are the communications that would be sent by CAMSRep to the IA holder?

CAMSRep will, over time, act as the Single Point of Service for all policies held in electronic form, across insurers.

On opening an e Insurance Account (e IA) with CAMSRep, the customer will get a Welcome Kit with full particulars of his/her e IA along with an User Guide. The password for accessing the e IA details online at www.camsrepository.com will be sent separately.

Once a year, a hard copy of the account holder’s Statement of Insurance (SOI) with full details of all policies held under the e IA shall be sent to the account holder’s postal address. (Details of e Policies where the account holder is the Proper and which have been bought or converted into electronic form) In addition, a SOI giving the details of all policies held by the account holder shall be sent by email whenever the policy holder makes a financial transaction with respect to any of the electronic policies in the e IA (including purchase of additional insurance or maturity/surrender of any one of the policies)

The Policy Holder can also access his / her policy and e IA details by logging on to our website www.camrepository.com and download a suite of reports and statements.

8. What does a policy holder to if he/she wants to make any changes to his/her policy or e IA? Should the policy holder submit a request to the Insurance Company or CAMSRep?

It is best to submit ALL requests in respect of either a IA or any of the electronic policies to CAMSRep (or it’s AP). If the changes are with respect to an account level details (like address or phone number), CAMSRep will execute the change after the necessary KYC verification, if any. CAMSRep will then intimate the changes to all the Insurance Companies whose policies are held in that e IA, so that the changes are effected in all the policies, in one go (so there is no need for the policy holder to approach the various insurance companies individually for the changes).

In case of any changes at the policy level, CAMSRep will forward the request to the respective insurance company and ensure that the same is executed and reflected in the electronic policy held with CAMSRep.

9. Can policy holders have multiple e Insurance Accounts if they have multiple Insurance policies issued by various Insurance Companies?

No. IRDA stipulates that an individual can have only ONE e Insurance Account across Repositories, irrespective of the number of policies owned by a policy holder thus, if a person has an e IA with CAMSRep, he CAN NOT open another e IA either with CAMSRep or with any other Insurance Repository. All Repositories have systems in place to check this before opening an e IA any application for a second or multiple e IA will be rejected by the Insurance Repository. All the electronic policies owned by a policy holder can be credited or held under this single e IA.

10. Who is an Authorized Representative (AR)?

A policy holder who opens an e IA shall appoint an Authorized Representative (AR) who shall be entitled to access the account in the event of demise of the policy holder or in his/her incapacity to operate the e Insurance Account. The AR is entitled only to access the e IA so as to know the portfolio of insurance policies and the nominees of the respective policies held under that account. The Policy Holder can change the AR, at his/her discretion, during the term of the e IA. The AR is different from a nominee and has only access rights to the e IA in the event of demise of the policy holder.

11. When does the free look period on my electronic policy start & how many days?

There is no change in the exercise of Free Look as mandated by IRDA. Insurance Companies shall send the policy holder the hard copy of Insurance Information Sheet containing the basic details of the insurance policy to the address stated therein to the policy holder. The free look period for e policies will be 15 days from the date of receipt of this information Sheet by the policy holder.

12. Can an e IA holder transfer his / her e IA form one Repository to another? If so, what is the procedure?

Yes, A policy holder can shift from one Repository to another.

As a policy holder can have only one e IA at any point in time, he / she needs to first close his / her account with his / her current repository, open a new e IA with his / her repository of choice and then arrange to transfer all his / her e Policies to his / her new e IA.

Portability of e IA from one Repository to another is not envisaged.


13. What are the benefits of holding Insurance Policies in electronic form?

There are multiple benefits in holding insurance policies in electronic form under a single e Insurance Account (e IA). These benefits include:

a. Safety: There is no risk of loss or damage of a policy as may happen with paper policies; the electronic form ensures that the policies are in safe custody and can be easily accessed when needed.

b. Convenience: All insurance policies, be it life, pension, health or general, can be electronically held under a single e IA. This means all details of all policies are available in a single account (place). The details of any of the policies can be accessed at any time by logging on to the online portal of CAMS Repository (www.camsrepository.com) . Premium for all the policies can be paid online and many service requests or complaints can be logged at this website.

c. Single Point of Service: All service requests in respect of e IA or any of the electronic policies held under the e IA can be submitted at any of CAMS Repository’s service points there is no requirement to go to the offices of individual insurance companies for service.

d. Less Paper Work: Policy holders having an e IA, when buying a new electronic insurance policy, do not have to go through KYC verification all over again, if there are no changes to the KYC details already recorded in e IA. Further, any changes to personal details like address or contact no, can be done with a single request to CAMS Repository. CAMSRep, in turn, will inform about the changes to all the insurance companies with whom the policy holder has electronic policies.

14. Which Insurance Policies can be held in electronic form?

The following types of insurance policies are eligible to be held in electronic form:

a. All individual life insurance policies including health and pension policies. Policies issued to groups by registered life insurance companies can also be held in electronic form.

b. All general insurance policies held by individuals including group policies

c. Any other class of insurance policies that may be notified by IRDAu from time to time

However, initially, only life insurance policies can be held in electronic form under an e IA. Over time, this facility will be extended to general insurance policies as well.

15. How can a policy holder convert his existing paper policy into electronic form?

1. If a policy holder already has an e IA, he / she just needs to write out a request, addressed to the insurer, for converting his / her existing paper policy (where he or she is the Proposer) to electronic mode. Request Forms for policy conversion are available in all offices of CAMSRep, CAMS and APs. They can also be downloaded from our website www.camsrepository.com . The Policy Holder needs to fill out a separate request for each paper policy that he wishes to convert to electronic form. These requests, duly singed, can be submitted at the respective Insurance Company or at any CAMSRep (or CAMS) office. If the policy holder doesn’t have an e IA, he / she can submit an e IA opening form with the necessary supporting documents along with the request for converting paper policy to electronic mode.

16. Is it compulsory to issue policies in only electronic form? (i.e. is dematerialization of insurance policies compulsory,as in the case of shares?)

No, it is not yet compulsory to issue insurance policies only in electronic form.

Policy holders can choose the form in which they want their policies issued paper or electronic.

17. if a person already has an e IA, how can he or she buy a new policy in electronic form?

Once a person has opened an e insurance account, it is quite simple to buy a new policy in electronic form. The e Policy holder just needs to quote his / her unique e IA Number in the new insurance proposal form (where he / she is the proposer),with a request to issue policy in electronic form. Since KYC documents had already been submitted and verified when the policy holder opened the e IA the insurer will not do KYC again (nor ask for KYC documents), provided there has been no change to the KYC details, making the process simpler and convenient for the policy holder.

18. Can an e policy holder get a duplicate statement of insurance from CAMSRep?

Yes, a policy holder can request a duplicate statement of insurance (SOI) from CAMSRep and an electronic SOI will be sent by email.


19 Who or What is an Approved Person (AP)?

An “Approved Person (AP)” is an entity appointed by an insurance repository to represent it before policy holders and to perform certain assigned tasks in relation to and incidental to the functions of insurance repository.

In order to discharge the services and obligations, an insurance repository may appoint any number of approved persons to represent it before policyholders, subject to prior permission of IRDA. IRDA Regulations allow Brokers and Corporate Agents Licensed by IRDA to become licensed by IRDA to become ‘Approved Person’ of Insurance repositories to better service their customers. The services of corporate agents and insurance brokers appointed as APs shall be restricted to only those policies that are produced by them.

20. What access can an Approved Person (AP) have to policy holder information available with the Insurance Repository?

IRDA regulations specify that an approved person shall not be allowed to access the e Insurance Accounts and that the services of corporate agents and insurance brokers appointed as APs shall be restricted to only those policies that are procured by them.

Accordingly, CAMSRep will provide read only access to policy details at www.camsrepository.com for Agent APs, for the policies procured by them, so that they can service their customers better without compromising data confidentially.

Secured access shall be provided at 2 levels for such Agents APs – Corporate & Branch:

  • Branch View will give single Customer View and Insurer view e Policy details
  • Following Policy Details will be visible for Agent APs:
    • Policy Holder Name
    • Life Insured Name
    • Insurer
    • Plan Name
    • Sum Assured
    • Date of Commencement
    • Policy Term (Years)
    • Premium Pay term (Years)
    • Policy Status
    • Next Premium Due Date
    • Total Premium (Rs.)
    • Premium Frequency
  • Other Functionalities in Branch View will include Premium Calendar, Registering Query & Complaint and Tracking Query & Complaint Status
  • Corporate View will, in addition, include AP Profile (with limited Edit option) and Branch Master
  • APs will be given an online electronic platform (web scan facility) to digitize and transmit e IA applications (along with supporting documents) and service requests to CAMSRep for quick turnaround.


21. What is the fee that the policy holder needs to pay for opening an e Insurance Account?

e Insurance Account is absolutely FREE to the policy holder the policy holder does not have to pay anything to open an e Insurance Account.

22. What does a policy holder need to pay to maintain electronic policies in e IA? And what is the fee for converting existing paper polices into electronic polcies?

All the services provided by CAMSRep (insurance repository services) are absolutely FREE of charge to policy holders. Policy holders need not pay anything extra to buy an electronic policy or to convert an existing paper policy into Electronic form. Similarly they need not pay anything to avail of any services from CAMSRep, including online premium Payment and services at CAMSRep’s portal, www.camsrepository.com .

23. How can CAMSRep provide free services to policy holders? Where is the catch?

CAMSRep will be paid directly by the Insurance Companies whose policies are held in electronic form in CAMS Repository so that no charges are levied on policy holders.


24. Will all the Repositories share a central data base? How will it work?

No. Each Insurance Repository (IR) will have its own data base in which it will hold all e IA and e Policy details of its Account holders. The e IA details in an IR’s data base will be as per the account opening form submitted by the account Holder with subsequent changes, if any. Policy level details will be uploaded to person’s e IA as and when he purcheses a policy in electronic form or when he converts an existing (paper) policy to electronic form. Policy level details will be sent by the respective Insurance Companies to the IR as an electronic feed.

To facilitate easy de-duplication and verification of an individual’s e IA status, a Central Index Data Base will be maintained by IRDA (or its nominated vendor) where basic details of every e IA Holder (PAN / Aadhaar No, Name, DOB and e IA Number) will be maintained. This will be a web enabled services wherein anyone can key in a PAN / Aadhaar No and DOB to check whether the person already has an e IA & if so, the name and e IA number.

25. Is it compulsory for all Insurance Companies to offer electronic policies?

Yes, It is the policy holder’s prerogative to opt for a policy in electronic form. If a policy holder wants his / her policy (either new purchase or existing) in electronic form, then the Insurer is bound to fulfill his / her requirement.

The choice of a Repository for opening an e IA is the prerogative of the policy holder and hence all Insurance Companies will need to work with all the Insurance Repositories.

Initially, Repository service will be available for life insurance only; over time, health and general Insurance (personal lines only) will also be brought within the ambit of Repository services.

26. What is the grievances redressal mechanism at Global Finsol Repository?

Global Finsol has an e Policy holder’s grievances cell to address the grievances of e Policy holders in respect of repository services and electronic policies held by them. e Policy holders can lodge their written grievances in by calling the toll no : 18001034600 or online at www.global finsol.com .

Pursuant to Guidelines bearing No. IRDA/ADMN/GDL/080/04/2011 dated 29th April, 2011 issued by Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA), the IR has provided facility to the policy holders to keep Insurance policies in electronic form and to record changes, modifications and revisions in the insurance policy with speed and accuracy in order to bring about efficiency, transparency and cost reduction in the issuance and maintenance of insurance policies.

Pursuant to the said Guidelines dated 29th April 2011, insurance companies have decided to outsource the activity of obtaining and maintaing the particulars of the policy holders to Insurance Repositories registered with IRDA.

The Approved Person has been granted Registration No: IRDA/IR5/2014/065 to AP and IR has agreed to avail services of the Approved Person to carry out its above activities ( Point A).

Approved Person has agreed to extend the AP services to IR and the IR has agreed to avail the said services from the AP.

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